OS X El Capitan: Hands on the new Notes app

The Notes app in OS X El Capitan has thankfully had important changes and new features that were badly needed. The new Notes app is now much more useful, and Mac users will find it can handle some of the more advanced features typically offered by third party apps such as Evernote. In this article, we’ll run through some of the key changes and how you can make the most […]

Get Your Paws Off My Stuff: Using MacPaw’s Hider 2

Hider 2 is MacPaw’s second iteration of their highly commended data protection application. The self-proclaimed “Fort Knox” of digital storage, Hider 2 secures your files behind lock and key, ensuring that no one can access your private data without you saying so. Read on for an extensive breakdown of Hider’s features and how to use […]

How to Block Ads System Wide in OS X With Adguard

As any user of the Internet will tell you, ads are the bane of our lives. They can be found on almost every website, and can even be found in apps installed on your computer, such as Skype and uTorrent. Thankfully Adguard is here to save the day! Unlike other ad-blocking programs you may have […]

How to Fix Gmail Authentication Issues in the OS X Mail App

Frustration deriving from the Mail app is fairly commonplace on Apple’s operating systems, and it appears that Google has thrown another spanner in the works by changing how it deals with apps and services that don’t use so-called “modern security standards”. According to Google, since some apps and devices are easier to break into, blocking their access […]

Gmail and iOS: Making Them Work for You

Apple and Google are two giants in the world of technology. With such large competition between the two companies, it’s inevitable that difficulties will arise when trying to get products from each to work together. On previous iterations of iOS, Gmail and Apple’s native mail app didn’t sync together very well, and although improvements have […]

The OS X Option Key: Where it is and how you can use it

The Option key has been a staple of the Mac keyboard since its inception, but if you’re new to OS X, you probably don’t know all that much about it. Also labeled as the Alternate key, it can be found on either side of your space bar, wedged between the Control and Command keys. Pressing […]

In Focus: The New Photos App for OS X Yosemite

For those of you using OS X Yosemite, Apple has introduced a new app in their latest update, giving us a new way of looking at our photos. Users of iOS 8 on mobile will notice that the new Photos app that Apple has recently introduced is very similar to the phone version. In accordance […]

5 Useful Notification Centre Widgets for iOS

Much like OS X Yosemite’s new Notification Centre widgets, iOS 8 has also gained the ability to add widgets to your Today screen. These come in the form of app extensions, many of which can be found in the App Store. Typically, they are part and parcel of standalone apps (such as Dropbox and Yahoo News Digest), rather […]