Gmail and iOS: Making Them Work for You

Apple and Google are two giants in the world of technology. With such large competition between the two companies, it’s inevitable that difficulties will arise when trying to get products from each to work together. On previous iterations of iOS, Gmail and Apple’s native mail app didn’t sync together very well, and although improvements have […]

The OS X Option Key: Where it is and how you can use it

The Option key has been a staple of the Mac keyboard since its inception, but if you’re new to OS X, you probably don’t know all that much about it. Also labeled as the Alternate key, it can be found on either side of your space bar, wedged between the Control and Command keys. Pressing […]

In Focus: The New Photos App for OS X Yosemite

For those of you using OS X Yosemite, Apple has introduced a new app in their latest update, giving us a new way of looking at our photos. Users of iOS 8 on mobile will notice that the new Photos app that Apple has recently introduced is very similar to the phone version. In accordance […]

5 Useful Notification Centre Widgets for iOS

Much like OS X Yosemite’s new Notification Centre widgets, iOS 8 has also gained the ability to add widgets to your Today screen. These come in the form of app extensions, many of which can be found in the App Store. Typically, they are part and parcel of standalone apps (such as Dropbox and Yahoo News Digest), rather […]

How to Setup Family Sharing in iOS 8

Family Sharing is a new feature in iOS 8 that allows you to share all of the iTunes and App Store purchases you make on iOS with your family, even without sharing the same Apple ID. Additionally, there’s a level of built-in protection as children need to ask permission from the designated parent or elder before […]

How to share files using AirDrop on OS X Yosemite

AirDrop allows you to share files with other nearby Macs, and now in OS X Yosemite you can also share with iOS users. Previously, it only worked with other Mac users which was convenient but rather frustrating for anyone that had an iPhone or iPad. Likewise, on iOS AirDrop was previously limited to other iOS devices, a limitation […]

5 of the Best Notification Centre Widgets for OS X Yosemite

Apple has enabled developers to create apps that also include “Widget” extensions which populate the Today screen section of the Notification Centre on your Mac. In the past, the Notification centre wasn’t really that useful, but now it’s much more closely aligned with the iOS version because all your important information is displayed, in addition to any […]

How to free up space for an iOS 8 upgrade

When Apple released iOS 8, many people, especially those with 16 GB devices or with lots of apps and other content, found they were unable to install the update because it required 4 or 5 GB of free space. Why does the iOS 8 upgrade need so much free space, when the update is around 1 GB? The reason is […]

What’s New in iTunes 12

iTunes 12 was released as a beta earlier in the year for OS X Yosemite, and is now available for new users and also as an update to iTunes 11. There aren’t a whole host of improvements, but there are some subtle changes which are definitely welcome over iTunes 11. The last version of iTunes was completely […]