5 of the Best Notification Centre Widgets for OS X Yosemite

Apple has enabled developers to create apps that also include “Widget” extensions which populate the Today screen section of the Notification Centre on your Mac. In the past, the Notification centre wasn’t really that useful, but now it’s much more closely aligned with the iOS version because all your important information is displayed, in addition to any […]

How to free up space for an iOS 8 upgrade

When Apple released iOS 8, many people, especially those with 16 GB devices or with lots of apps and other content, found they were unable to install the update because it required 4 or 5 GB of free space. Why does the iOS 8 upgrade need so much free space, when the update is around 1 GB? The reason is […]

What’s New in iTunes 12

iTunes 12 was released as a beta earlier in the year for OS X Yosemite, and is now available for new users and also as an update to iTunes 11. There aren’t a whole host of improvements, but there are some subtle changes which are definitely welcome over iTunes 11. The last version of iTunes was completely […]

Cool things in iOS 8 that you can’t do in iOS 7

With every new release of iOS, Apple adds lots of new features and functionality, as well as some under-the-hood changes and improvements that aren’t always immediately apparent. iOS 8 follows the mould of iOS 7 with the same flat look, and for new users there is also a built in Tips app, which is a great resource to learn the […]

Mastering Mail Annotations in Yosemite

What are Annotations? Mail in OS X Yosemite has several new features that users will find to be welcome improvements. For example, Mail Drop allows you to attach large files up to several Gigabytes in size.

Setup Instant Hotspots the Easy Way with iOS 8

What is an Instant Hotspot? Sometimes when you’re on the road, you need to access the Internet on your Mac but only have your iPhone with you to connect. There aren’t always Wi-Fi hotspots around, and those “free” ones sometimes require you to register or create an account. I am actually writing some of this article […]

Best Mac VPNs Compared and Reviewed

For anyone concerned about security on the Internet, a VPN can ensure your browsing, emails, web banking and app usage stays private. Simply put, a VPN acts like a secure private network that encrypts your Internet traffic and makes it extremely hard for anyone (even your Internet Service Provider) to snoop on your online habits. And […]

How to Setup a VPN on the Mac for Anonymous Browsing

In this day and age, Internet security is more important than ever. Additionally, many people that travel abroad are frustrated to find that they can’t access their favourite websites and video services (such as the BBC iPlayer or 4oD), due to restrictions based on the user’s location imposed by the content owners or government regulations. In these situations, […]

Navigating Dialog Boxes With Your Keyboard

Using the mouse to click save or select text fields or choose options isn’t a very efficient use of your time, even worse, if you are performing repetitive tasks it can be really frustrating. Well you will be glad to hear that you can navigate all dialog boxes without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard. […]