The Lowdown on iBooks for OS X Mavericks

Ever since iBooks became a hit on the iPhone and iPad, it’s no surprise that Apple has brought the popular book reading app to the Mac. Mavericks includes iBooks as a standard application, allowing you to read and browse books in a dedicated program rather than using iTunes – where your e-books previously sat rather […]

How to Use Tags in OS X Mavericks

There are some notable new features in the latest version of Mac OS X – for example a new version of Safari, iCloud Keychain, and a whole host of memory, performance and power improvements (such as App Nap and Compressed Memory). However, the feature that you’re most likely to use every day and get the most […]

5 Creative Ways to Boost Your iPhone’s Signal

Most of us have unfortunately at one time or another experienced poor mobile reception on the iPhone – inevitably just when you need it most. But why can your iPhone’s signal be weak in the first place? Besides the very well publicised “Antennaegate” débacle there are many reasons, but it’s commonly due to factors outside of […]

Cool Cases For Your iPad & iPad Mini

So…you’ve taken the plunge. You’ve forked over your cash and are the proud possessor of a new, shiny, iOS-running tablet. Apple, famous for its aesthetics, has once more done itself proud with the iPad, producing a device which looks gorgeous, thanks to its slim profile and smooth curves. So why cover up that beautiful design […]

5 Great Apple TV Alternatives

The Apple TV is a great little device on which to watch movies, listen to music, view your photo collection and share content that you have on your Mac, as well as being a second screen for all your iOS devices (and Mac) – all at the touch of a button using AirPlay. Apple’s “hobby” […]