Apple surveys iPhone customers about old power adapters

Apple began sending surveys to customers over the weekend asking them about what they did with the pack-in USB Power Adapter following past iPhone purchases.

Apple’s survey comes days after strong rumours that it will remove the charger and adapter from boxes when it ships the next-gen ‘iPhone 12’ later this year.

A few users on Twitter based in Brazil claimed that they had received the iPhone survey, which included several questions related to charger usage and habits.

The first directly asked: “What did you do with the USB Power Adapter that came in the box with the iPhone 7 Plus that you replaced?”

Respondents can select from multiple answers, including “Gave it to a family member or friend”, “Recycled it”, “Still have it, but don’t use it”, and “Still using it at home”.

While the survey does not provide conclusive evidence that Apple will remove important accessories from the iPhone box this year, it does suggest that it is open to the idea.

Multiple reports claiming that Apple will do just that have generated considerable controversy and discussion online in recent days.

Getting rid of the power adapter would cut down on the vast amounts of e-waste generated by smartphone manufacturers every year.

It would also enable Apple to slim down the size of boxes and make shipping more efficient.

Arguments in favour of the move claim that customers already have a number of compatible chargers and adapters at home.

However, others believe that essential accessories should be included, especially with premium iPhones that command a high price.

If Apple did go ahead and remove the charger, customers would have to either purchase a standard 18-watt adapter, a fast-charging 20-watt adapter, or a wireless charging solution after-sale.

EU officials have urged smartphone manufacturers to adopt a universal charger to limit e-waste, but it appears unlikely that Apple will switch from Lightning to USB-C anytime soon.

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