Wireless data transfer comes to iPhones, Walkie Talkie app returns

In a few hours, Apple will roll out software updates for not only iOS devices but also HomePod and watchOS.

The new iOS version 12.4 brings a useful “iPhone migration” tool that makes it possible to transfer data wirelessly. When you buy a new iPhone, you can now migrate directly from your current iPhone to the new one during setup.

Apple already offers wireless transfer between different iOS devices, but until now, you needed to use iCloud for nearly everything. With the new system, content such as device settings, app data and photos can be transferred directly between iPhones. Apps, however, still have to be downloaded from the App Store.

One noticeable feature is that passwords are now also transferred during a data transfer between iPhones. These were not previously saved to iCloud backups for privacy and security reasons, although it could be done if the backup was encrypted with iTunes first.

Apple News Plus browsing has also been made easier, with access to major publications such as The Wall Street Journal being right at the top of the News Plus subdivision.

According to Apple, the Walkie Talkie feature on the Apple Watch is now back after a security fix was installed to remove the bug that allowed someone to secretly listen to iPhone conversations without the owner’s knowledge.

The new watchOS update (5.3) widens support for irregular heartbeat detection and EKG to Singapore and Canada. And the HomePod smart speaker should now also work in Taiwan and Japan.

While iOS 12.4 (beta) featured underlying support for Apple Card, the Cupertino-based company’s soon-to-be-launched credit card, the website doesn’t mention this – so applications cannot be accepted yet. Apple Card promises to offer daily cash back on Apple/Apple Pay purchases, no fees, and a laser-etched titanium card for use where contactless payments are not yet accepted.

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