Vudu App for Apple TV makes its official debut

Vudu, a TV and movie streaming service, has announced an app for Apple TV that allows users to stream not only UltraViolet movies, but also thousands of others. The “Movies on Us” service offers over 4,000 free titles native to Apple TV.

However, the Vudu Player app for Apple TV has one important limitation: consumers will not be able to buy or rent TV shows or movies directly from Apple TV. It is first necessary to add content to your collection via an alternative source and then navigate to Apple TV if you want to view it.

The Vudu Player Apple TV app allows users to play more than 4,000 “Movies on Us” labels free of charge — in addition to their current Vudu collection — on the fourth-generation Apple TV, which runs on tvOS 10. This is the first (and only) player that provides access to users’ UltraViolet digital lockers on Apple TV.

The app also boasts features such as Siri voice search to locate individual titles within your Vudu collection, as well as a wishlist where you can save titles to use later.

Some Reddit users, however, have complained about the lack of integration with the Apple TV app.

Rumours about the Vudu Apple TV app circulated in March and last week a Variety report confirmed it would make its official debut.

Those who do not yet have a Vudu account are advised to sign up for one before the launch of the Apple TV app, since the App Store guidelines do not allow developers to add a sign-up option within any app.

Users will then be able to buy, rent or browse more than 100,000 titles. It is also possible to link the account with a valid Disney Movies Anywhere or UltraViolet account, and then synchronise this all with their Apple TV app.

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  • Thanks for the heads-up, Chris! I created my account. Vudu has a wide range of TV shows and great movies to watch. I hope they have a lot of dog movies for my dog to watch 🙂