Vast majority of recent iPhones are now running iOS 13

Apple’s current mobile operating software, iOS 13, is now installed on 92% of iPhones released during the last four years, according to new data released ahead of the WWDC.

Apple’s 13th major mobile operating system rolled out in September last year following its first announcement at the WWDC earlier in the summer.

Since then, the vast majority of users with compatible smartphones have made the upgrade.

iOS 13 supports models going all the way back to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which were launched in September 2015.

App Store usage on Wednesday last week (17th June) was measured to see what version of iOS users were running.

Nine in 10 of users with devices from the last four years, which includes the iPhone 7, are using iOS 13.

When taking all iPhones into account, including those that are no longer supported, 81% of devices now feature the latest version of Apple’s software.

Meanwhile, 13% of all iPhone users are running iOS 12 and just 6% have an earlier version of the mobile operating system.

Adoption of the latest and greatest software is also high on iPads.

The data shows that 93% of tablets from the last four years are running iPadOS and 27% still have earlier iOS software.

For older devices, 73% have iPadOS, 16% have iOS 12, and 11% are running earlier versions.

The numbers highlight how quickly many users update to the latest software after it is released by Apple.

This is good news for the Cupertino-based company ahead of iOS 14.

Rumours for the WWDC suggest that Apple will unveil the new mobile operating system and talk about its new features for the first time during the online-only event, which gets underway at 6pm BST on Monday (22nd June).

iOS 14 is then expected to officially launch later this year alongside Apple’s latest slate of iPhones.

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