Three Alternatives To Instagram

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If you’ve already closed your Instagram account and don’t know what to with the photos you’ve got, then this is the post for you. If you haven’t yet done that and want to, you can find out how to do that here. Instagram has long been one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the web, but it’s recent takeover by Facebook has been controversial to say the least, with privacy a key concern. Here is a rundown of the three best alternatives that you should consider: Flickr, Imgur and PhotoBucket.



Flickr seems to be the most popular alternative to instagram that has emerged in recent days. It seems many are making the move over to the Yahoo-owned photo service which seems to offer a good selection of features. It allows you to do all the usual stuff: organise your photos into albums, and you even add tags and locations you can remember the location in the photo.

In addition, it couldn’t be easier to upload your pics to Flickr, with a plethora of apps for all devices. It doesn’t matter what smartphone platform you use: iPhone, Android, Windows 8, they’ve got your uploading needs covered and more.



The main reason I love Imgur is its simplicity. It takes seconds to upload a photo, there are a whole host of options for sharing, everywhere from forums to Twitter, and you can edit your photos right on the spot in your browser.

That’s right. You can crop, rotate and scale as necessary and it really is a great feature made with so much simplicity. Imgur is my photo uploader of choice, and it comes highly recommended. What’s more, it has unlimited uploading something that the other candidates on this list (I believe) don’t have for free.



Like Flickr, Photobucket has been around for a while now, and it has many satisfied customers. Both sites are actually very similar, with sharing options aplenty and the option to tweak or recolour your photos as desired, much like Instagram. Photobucket’s app is also incredibly popular, even though it is offered on fewer platforms than Flickr’s.

However, photo bucket do have another app called Snapbucket which is dedicated to sharing your photos with friends and family, something which it makes easier than ever to do. AND, if you’re an iPhoto user, there is a plugin allowing you to directly manage and upload photos to Photobucket right from ┬áthe app, something which will greatly appeal to Mac users.


Imgur is the definition of simplicity. If that’s what you’re after, then it will be perfect. However, if you love the Instagram style effects, then Flickr or Photobucket are probably your best bets. They make ti really easy to add all sorts of funky hues and colours to your photos, so if you like that sort of thing, you’ll have a lot of fun. My vote goes to Imgur, but that’s only because I like things that are simple and straightforward.

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