Stylish new Curve stand launched for Apple Notebooks

If you use your MacBook to make a living, or even if you just use it a lot, you will know that the right kind of stand is important to prevent a stiff neck or a sore back after many hours of sitting in an uncomfortable position.

The latest offering in this regard comes from Twelve South, which announced the launch of its new Curve stand this week. The company says it is based on a simple yet classic design and describes the new stand as “elegant.”

Twelve South says the 2017 Curve was developed to perfectly complement the stylish lines of an Apple notebook while at the same time elevating it to the ideal angle. Curve is available in a matte black aluminium that matches the Space Grey MacBook versions beautifully.

While keeping 70 per cent of the MacBook’s base exposed via its open bottom to allow for enhanced cooling, the stand elevates the MacBook’s screen by nearly 6.5 inches.

Twelve South revealed that the Curve had its origins in the iCurve — the initial MacBook stand created by Andrew Green, the company’s co-founder, nearly 14 years ago. The latest design also aims to pay homage to Apple’s new headquarters with its ring-shaped main structure.

Green, who is now the company’s co-owner and Creative Director, said in a blog he knew that one day he would want to update the classic style for the modern-day Mac market. He added: “I visualised Curve as a thin metal ribbon — kind of like a Möbius strip. Utilising aluminium with a matte black finish, Curve is a fresh remix of the original classic that looks simply stunning, especially when supporting the new Space Grey MacBooks.”

Curve weighs only 1.43 lbs and works with both the MacBook Pro and ordinary MacBook.

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