Sixth-generation iPod nano declared defunct

Apple has declared the sixth-generation iPod nano is now obsolete. According to a memo sent to Apple Authorised Service Providers and Apple Stores, the company added the device to its internal list of obsolete products on Wednesday.

Apple services and repairs products for as long as five years after they stop manufacturing them and production of the sixth-generation iPod nano was stopped in September 2012, exactly five years ago.

As the law requires, owners of sixth-generation iPod nanos who live in California will still be offered service from Apple Stores until around September 2019 — but the rest of us are now on our own.

The device was remarkable for its square design. A couple of third-party accessories, including a strap, were manufactured that for all practical purposes turned the nano into an early edition of the Apple Watch. Unlike its predecessor the fifth-generation iPod nano, this version did not come with a video camera, click wheel or speaker. Instead, it boasted a touch screen and utilised the same clip used in the iPod shuffle to allow owners to wear it on the go.

For the seventh-generation iPod nano, Apple reverted to a rectangular style, and it also gave the device a home button. This remained unchanged until the company stopped producing the whole iPod nano and iPod shuffle ranges two months ago.

Apple must officially publish the sixth-generation iPod nano on its public list of obsolete and vintage products, but that shouldn’t take very long.

Earlier in 2017, the company also declared a couple of iPhone and Mac models obsolete. The list included selected MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. Before that Apple also moved the late 2010 13-inch MacBook Air, the iPhone 4, the second-generation Time Capsule and the third-generation AirPort Extreme to its list of obsolete products.

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