Second iPhone battery explosion in two days

Another report of an iPhone battery exploding emerged yesterday. The latest story in this regard surfaced yesterday and covers an event that took place at Apple’s Calle Colon outlet in the Spanish city of Valencia. What is noteworthy is that it came only one day after a similar incident at a Swiss Apple store.

The latest report was published by Las Provincias, a Spanish news outlet.

Apparently, an iPhone battery exploded during lunch hour on Wednesday while somebody was working on it.

Municipal sources said the incident resulted in the upper floor of the shop being filled with smoke. There was no need for firefighters to get involved, however, since the shop workers quickly opened the windows to ventilate the building. They quite cleverly also covered the burned battery with dirt before they vacated the shop without any further incidents.

Yesterday’s report did not reveal which specific iPhone model was involved. Fortunately, nobody was injured during this event, because in Tuesday’s incident in Zurich an Apple employee suffered minor burns. Fortunately, that exploding iPhone 6 battery did not cause any serious injuries.

At this stage, readers might start to get rather concerned about the fact that two iPhone batteries exploded on two consecutive days. Most likely, however, these were isolated incidents that just happened to occur close to each other.

There might, of course, be a chance that Apple technicians were attempting to get through repair jobs as quickly as possible and, in the process, they became careless, but we have no proof that this was the case.
The probability of hearing reports about similar events will of course increase during a time when the Cupertino-based company has announced a comprehensive battery replacement program.
If your iPhone battery appears unnaturally swollen, under no circumstances try to replace it yourself. Rather, take it to your nearest Apple store for inspection.

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