Powerbeats 4 leak with new audio chip and longer battery life

Apple’s yet-to-be-announced Powerbeats 4 have leaked online for the first time, and there are a few upgrades in the works as better battery life and a new wireless chip come to the popular earbuds.

It has been almost four years since the release of the Dre-branded Powerbeats 3, which retail for around $200 and offer “dynamic”, high-performance sound.

While the performance remains strong for anyone requiring a robust pair of Bluetooth buds, fans have been on the lookout for an update.

Hopes were raised in January when a Powerbeats 4 icon was spotted in iOS 13.3.1, and a new leak on German site WinFuture has offered a first look at what is expected to be an official release this year.

The new set of buds will kick things up a notch by packing in the new H1 audio chip included in the recent AirPods Pro.

There will also be 15 hours of battery life, enough to power through the longest of workouts and three hours more than the previous model.

Users will also be able to access ‘Hey, Siri’ functionality to complete certain tasks.

The leaked images show a new form of cabling that connects the two buds to make them easier to wear during and after use.

Apart from that subtle change, the design of the buds will remain the same.

This means that a release in black, white and red colour options is likely, though Apple has yet to announce anything about options or a potential release date.

The current Powerbeats 3 are available for $200, so the latest model is expected to retail for around the same price, which is $50 less than the Powerbeats Pro.

Recent rumours have also suggested that an entry-level wireless AirPods model could also launch soon to complement the standard and premium units.

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