Physical models of iPhone 11 show a decidedly ugly device

The emerging consensus among Apple fans is that the firm’s rather ugly new iPhone models will start to look better once you hold them in your hand. That dream has now been dealt a decisive blow.

After impressive renders and detailed schematics of these phones were leaked recently, renowned technology designer Ben Geskin has constructed physical models of both the new iPhone 11 Max and the ordinary iPhone 11. And once the sheen is stripped away, the reality is bad enough to give anyone nightmares.

When he showed off his designs recently, Geskin asked: “Did you get used to this design already?” More than 900 people replied, the overwhelming majority extremely negative. One respondent said: “Horrible design… it looks soo awkward.” Another said: “Steve Jobs would’ve fired everyone.”

The biggest problem is undoubtedly the huge camera hump. Ironically enough, this will probably be what Apple focuses on most, because in 2019 it has clearly decided to favour substance over style, with both new iPhone models boasting massive sensor upgrades. If the gamble works, then it might propel both models to the number one position on sales charts – but don’t bet too much on that.

At least the expected battery boost should be well received. On the other hand though, the company intends to drop 3D Touch this year, which means that both new iPhones will offer a haptic experience that is in no way comparable to that offered by recent generations of iPhones.

Furthermore, with rivals rapidly getting rid of notches, the new iPhone models will offer the same old front as the previous two generations. Even the Pixel 4 is now ahead of Apple in that area.

The sensible thing to do at this stage is probably to wait for the 2020 iPhone with its totally new design and full-screen Touch ID – or buy a Huawei.

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