Oscar winner Taika Waititi wants improvements to MacBook keyboard

Movie director Taika Waititi used his post-Oscar win question and answer session to call for changes to the keyboards in Apple’s MacBook and iMac line-up after claiming that the current hardware has given him a repetitive strain injury.

Waititi picked up an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his recent hit Jojo Rabbit at the annual ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday, but he believes that the device he wrote the movie on requires an overhaul of its input methods.

When asked what producers should ask the Writers Guild of America for in future talks, Waititi said that Apple “needs to fix those keyboards” and complained that they had got worse over time.

He added: “I’ve got some shoulder problems, like a sort of loose tendon over here which goes from the forearm down to the thumb, and what happens is you open the laptop and you are like this.”

Apple did replace the much maligned ‘butterfly’ keyboard in its latest 16-inch MacBook Pro, but other devices including the MacBook Air have yet to be updated.

The new device features a traditional scissor key mechanism that is reportedly more comfortable to type on as the keys have a greater amount of travel.

Apple introduced the butterfly design back in 2015, but the low amount of travel, noise and hard surface drew a number of complaints.

Apple is expected to use the new scissor-style keyboard across its MacBook line-up when new models launch this year, so it seems that Waititi, who hails from New Zealand, will get his wish.

According to recent rumours, a 13-inch MacBook Pro should go on sale in Q2 2020 after a potential unveiling at the WWDC event in June.

Apple currently offers a MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro alongside the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which retails from £2,399.

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