One more reason to wait for the 2020 iPhone range

If you are ready for an iPhone upgrade, there is now one more reason to skip the upcoming iPhone 11. Experts are already advising potential buyers to wait for next year’s range as the upcoming model is looking decidedly underwhelming, judging by a plethora of leaks which have emerged recently.

Well-known industry insider Ice Universe has claimed on Twitter that Apple intends to fit its 2020 iPhone models with the most groundbreaking screen technology since the firm was founded. It will be a combination of the OLED panels found in top-of-the-range iPhones and the 120Hz ProMotion technology used in the iPad Pro’s LCD screens.

Ice Universe is, of course, a renowned Samsung expert, so where does Apple come in? It’s simple: Apple primarily buys its screens from Samsung.

This means that the 2020 iPhone is going to deliver the best user experience of any iPhone, ever. Chuck in a fresh design, integrated 5G, and 3D camera technology and you have a truly winning combination.

The downside to the rapid refresh rate used by the new technology is that faster refresh rates use additional power, which means that a bigger battery is needed. Fortunately, the Cupertino-based firm already has this covered. Apart from that, Ice Universe claims that Apple’s 2020 screen technology will automatically switch from 120Hz to 60Hz, where the former offers no benefit – while watching videos, for example.

Taking all of this into account, the iPhone 11 might just be the one upgrade that you can safely skip. Yes, it will most likely be better than the iPhone XS, but only incrementally so. It won’t give you the adrenalin rush that you can expect from next year’s models, so unless your current iPhone won’t make it until next year, you have many good reasons to wait.

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