No cryptocurrencies, gambling, travelling or jailbreaking for Apple Card users

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Apple Card is about to be released in the US, and it now seems that there will be quite a few restrictions on what users are allowed to do with it. In fact, the “not allowed” list is surprisingly long.

Goldman Sachs recently published the Apple Card User Agreement on its website. This states that users must have an “eligible device” before they can access the card – i.e. a device that is connected to an “Apple ID associated with an iCloud account that is in good standing with Apple”.

Two-factor authentication must also be activated.

Users who have had their iPhones “jailbroken” (similar to “rooting” an Android, but not quite the same) will not be able to access their Apple Card account, or even manage it.

During the application process, users have to accept that if they use a modified phone in connection with their account, it will be regarded as a violation of the contract – and it might cause them to be denied access, or granted only limited access. Another avenue that Apple reserves the right to pursue is “closing your Account as well as any other remedies available to us under this Agreement”.

Apart from that, you will not be able to use your card for cash advances. Even worse, the following are also prohibited: buying cryptocurrencies, foreign currency, travellers cheques, or other cash equivalents. The prohibited list also includes peer-to-peer transactions, money orders, lottery tickets, wire transfers, race track wagers, casino gaming (both offline or online), or anything similar.

To be fair, these rules are fairly common as far as credit cards are concerned. It will nevertheless be a disappointment for people who hoped that Apple’s “smarter credit card” would be much different from any other old card out there.


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