New poll reveals significant negativity around new iPhone range

The results of a new poll by leave one with a nagging feeling that Apple’s days as an innovator are coming to an end.

Many participants expressed strongly negative views about the new iPhone 11 range, with most of them unhappy about high prices, lack of innovation, and features that might sound good at a press release but have little practical value.

Even though Apple didn’t increase prices, iPhones are still some of the most expensive phones around, while their 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage are no longer competitive. The cheapest iPhone 11 also doesn’t come with a fast charger as standard equipment like the more expensive Pro models.

To be fair, it does have a USB-C cable, so you can connect to a MacBook without a separate cable. However, even the ultra-wide camera and telephoto lens no longer set Apple apart from the rest. With night mode, Apple is also merely playing catch-up with the competition.

Furthermore, when Apple launched a 120Hz screen on the iPad Pro in 2017, it was ground-breaking, but today’s iPhones remain at 60Hz, while many Androids already offer 90Hz screens, and many more are likely to introduce this feature over the next year.

Some participants also negatively commented on the lack of a 5G option, the absence of wireless charging, the 720p screen, and the 12MP camera, which is now generations behind the competition.

The claim that the latest iPhones are supposedly water resistant up to a depth of 4m was also questioned by some participants. The fact that nobody mentioned Apple TV+ or Apple Arcade can only bode ill for a company that is trying to rebrand itself as a service business at a time when its phone sales have gone into decline.

The bottom line is that Apple seems to have lost its image as an innovator, and this might well be reflected in sales over the next few months.

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