New AirPods might come with useful health features

Many Apple fans were hoping that the company would launch the new AirPods 2 range at its iPad and Mac press conference in October, but, of course, that did not happen. The good news is that there is again hope that these wireless earbuds might be introduced soon.

The latest AirPods models have overcome a crucial hurdle by qualifying for Bluetooth SIG certification, MySmartPrice recently reported. The SIG certification agency, which must sanction all devices that use Bluetooth, issued approvals for Apple devices carrying the model numbers A2031 and A2032.

According to this leaked report, the two devices feature Bluetooth 5.0, which should offer improved reliability, range and battery life.

It’s quite noteworthy that Apple applied for two devices to be certified in this case because its first-generation AirPods were only available in a single version. The fact that it had two AirPods models cleared for Bluetooth 5.0 use might suggest that the firm has something up its sleeve that could surprise many of us.

Earlier reports claimed that Apple was considering the use of health features in its new AirPods. Those reports stated that the AirPods might be used to monitor and record health-related information from your ears and possibly work with Apple Watch to deliver a coordinated health-tracking service.

It is quite possible that Apple is working on two different models at present – the first following in the footsteps of the first-generation models, offering standard features, and the second a more expensive version with health-tracking features.

The important question now is when the new AirPods models will be released. Some reports have mentioned late 2018, which is why many people hoped their release would coincide with last month’s product releases. Hopes remain high though that the launch will be before the start of the holiday season.


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