More students can now add student IDs to Apple Wallet

During the new school year in the US, well over 100,000 students will be able to carry their student IDs on either an Apple Watch or an iPhone. The list includes Georgetown University, Clemson University, University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, University of Vermont, University of San Francisco, South Dakota State University, Arkansas State University, Louisburg College, Norfolk State University, Chowan University and the University of North Alabama.

All these students will enjoy the convenience of using their student IDs in Apple Wallet to buy lunch, enter dorms and more.

Apple’s VP of Internet Services Jennifer Bailey said that the iPhone and Apple Watch were making it easier than ever for students to get around campuses and that the firm is pleased to see the increasing numbers of schools adopting the technology.

She added that since the service was launched, students throughout the US have bought 1.25 million meals and gained access to over 4 million buildings by simply tapping their Apple Watch or iPhone.

University of Oklahoma, Duke University, Temple University, University of Alabama, Marshall University, John Hopkins University and Mercer University already offer their staff, members of the faculty and students the ability to use their Apple Wallets to enter doors and pay for meals.

As part of the service, Apple is introducing support for Allegion, CBORD and HID to make it possible for additional students to upload their student IDs to Apple Wallet.

Once a student has added their student ID to Apple Wallet, they just have to hold their Apple Watch or iPhone close to a reader wherever student ID cards are required – both on campus and off campus. This enables them to leave their physical student ID cards at home and no longer risk losing them.

School credentials on Apple Watch and iPhone are safeguarded via two-factor authentication.

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