Leaks reveal everything you wanted to know about iPhone 11

Just about every possible detail about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 has been leaked.

In a joint effort, XDA-Developers’ Max Weinbach and YouTuber Filip Koroy confirmed earlier leaks, but also revealed information about Face ID, camera, design and storage upgrades that nobody knew anything about until now. These upgrades might just save an iPhone release that threatened to become an embarrassment for the company.

Weinbach revealed that the iPhone 11 will feature a matte finish, possibly for better grip. On the back, the Apple logo will now boast a new rainbow shimmer, and there won’t be the usual iPhone branding.

Apple will also start using machine learning in the iPhone 11’s image capturing system, similar to what Huawei is already doing. Koroy added that the firm will start using three lenses for capturing images in Portrait mode, and the new 120-degree wide-angle camera will offer 4K 30fps recording. The new range’s microphones will also deliver enhanced stereo video recording.

Apple fans will no doubt be pleased to hear that on-board storage will be increased from 64GB to 128GB for baseline models or even 256GB and 512GB for more expensive models. According to Weinbach, the new devices will also feature massively improved Face ID, with speeds now comparable to that of Touch ID.

Anti-aliasing in the corners will also be improved on the iPhone 11, though it will reportedly still lag behind the iPhone Pro panels inspired by Samsung. Apple apparently considered dropping the mute switch but later abandoned the idea.

While individually these upgrades can’t justify branding the new range as “Pro”, when combined they represent some really useful and, sometimes, even exciting changes. Whether they represent sufficient justification not to wait for next year’s huge iPhone redesign probably depends on exactly how dedicated an iPhone fan you are.

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