Latest iOS update is breaking wireless charging on many iPhones

When Apple released iOS 13, it probably didn’t expect it to become one of its biggest headaches ever, but this is exactly what is happening.

iPhone 11 owners are among the worst affected. Earlier, it was revealed that a flaw in iOS 13.3.3 caused the U1 chip in these devices to fail, forcing Apple to replace the phone.

Now, TrustedReviews has revealed a flaw that breaks both wireless and wired charging. The bug has now also become a hot topic on Twitter and Apple’s support forum. It seems to have started with iOS 13.1.2 and was then made worse by iOS 13.1.3.

It is also affecting a smaller number of iPhone XS and iPhone X devices. One tweeter said that their iPhone 11 stopped charging, and neither restarting it nor running four different kinds of wireless chargers helped.

Many others had the same complaint: after a software update, wireless charging stopped working. A typical comment reads: “I have an iPhone 11 pro max. When I first got it I could do wireless charging. Now it will not charge from same wireless chargers.”

For some people, restarting the device every day helps – for others, it doesn’t work. It has to be mentioned at this stage that the latest charging issue is not related to an earlier problem where iOS 13 throttled some 7-Watt chargers to 5 Watt, though right now it appears as if iOS 13 is able to break virtually anything.

This is quite a shame, because it has so many excellent new features. Apple is now under immense pressure to make these problems go away with iOS 13.2, which is expected in November.

The best advice for readers who haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 13 is to probably wait for the next update, unless they like bumpy rides.

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