iTunes and App Store email receipts fail to arrive

A strange and rather annoying bug has started to plague iTunes and App Store users. For the last couple of weeks, many of these people are reportedly no longer getting an email receipt when they buy something via iTunes or the App Store.

Apple used to send email receipts for every purchase made at both digital stores, but that appears to no longer be the case.

Most likely, this is not because of any administrative changes at Apple, so the most logical explanation would be a system bug. An increasingly busy thread on the company’s support site shows that the issue was now become widespread.

According to one user, the last time that he received a notice from Apple when he paid for TV shows, movies, apps, iCloud storage, iBooks or iTunes was at the end of October 2019.

Users are still being charged though – they are just not getting receipts, which can get very confusing if you have various monthly subscriptions to keep track of.

Writing for, editor Chance Miller confirmed that he also stopped receiving receipts from Apple after the end of October. Fortunately, there is a way to manually solve this issue, though it’s cumbersome.

If you require an email receipt for payments you made at iTunes or the App Store – for example, to file your tax return – you can ask Apple to ‘resend’ the receipt that failed to arrive via the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone.

Start by opening the Settings app before tapping your name, followed by App Store & iTunes. Proceed by tapping your Apple ID, followed by View Apple ID. At this stage, you could be requested to sign in.

Now, find your way to Purchase History and select it. Next, locate the item you paid for, and select Total Billed. Finally, select Resend. It has to be noted that the system won’t ‘resend’ missing receipts for free items.

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