iPhone owners are experiencing serious problems after latest iOS update

Apple iOS 13 is such a disaster that even after the fourth (hurried) update, many issues are still plaguing owners.

Even those who own the latest iPhones are now suffering.

Some excellent research by wccftech has revealed that a serious issue in iOS 13.1.3 is causing the iPhone 11’s brand-new Ultra Wideband U1 to chip stop working.

The worst part is that certain devices cannot be fixed, and Apple reportedly needed to change them.

Affected owners will see this pop-up message just after updating: “Ultra Wideband Update Failed. Your iPhone cannot use Ultrawide band until it has been updated.”

The extent of the issue must be quite far-reaching because Apple has even created a specific page focusing on support for owners showing a similar message.

The problem with this message is that it’s superfluous – there is no update for iOS 13.1.3, and it is reported that the new beta version of iOS 13.2 reportedly has the same bug.

People who have gone to an Apple Store for help have been told that it’s a hardware problem caused by updating your software.

Apple then replaced their iPhones with new ones.

One owner said: “I had to go to the Apple store and they did the diagnostics and confirmed it was hardware issue and was replaced with a new device.”

Something really weird is that even before iOS 13.1.3 was rolled out, there were a handful of reports from consumers who had dealt with exactly the same problem.

The exponential rise in these reports after the launch of iOS 13.1.3 seems to indicate that this version of the operating system is making an existing problem much more terrible.

However, there is some great news: Apple is actually taking ownership of this issue, and it’s replacing some (but not all) of the handsets involved.

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