iPhone 8 rumours get really interesting

With the release of the iPhone 8 getting closer every day, leaks and rumours abound. The new iPhone is, as ever, expected to include several enhancements, with Apple traditionally unveiling its new baby in September.

This year marks the tenth birthday of the iPhone and it seems as if Apple will do everything in its power to make the iPhone 8 something really special. Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the smartphone could still go a long way from where it is now.

Rumour has it that one of the biggest changes will be the iPhone 8 screen, which will take up the entire front face of the phone. It is also believed the screen will use AMOLED display technology, making it sharper and brighter than ever before.

But how will the iPhone 8 feature a fingerprint scanner if the screen leaves no unused space on the front of the phone? The Samsung Galaxy S8 solved this problem by moving the scanner to the back of the phone, but unbiased product reviews and ratings organisation Consumer Reports said: “We found that the fingerprint scanner on the back is awkwardly placed.”

Some expect Apple to embed the scanner under the screen, but a patent uncovered by Apple intellectual property blog Patently Apple reveals the company could move it to the side of the iPhone 8 by building it into the device’s power button.

Additional confirmation of the company’s intent may have been revealed in a recently-leaked sketch that showed a somewhat bigger power button on the side of the iPhone 8. Sony has already gone down this route with its Xperia phones, so Apple wouldn’t be taking a major risk should it decide to do the same.

Fortunately, with the official iPhone 8 launch expected in about three months’ time, Apple buffs won’t have to wait too long to see whether these rumours are true or not.


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