iPhone 11 will include USB-C charger, says new report

Rumours have been doing the rounds for some time now that Apple plans to switch to USB-C on its iPhones. A previous prediction that it will start with the 2018 iPhone range turned out to be incorrect.

A new report now claims that the soon-to-be-released iPhone 11 will come with a USB-C charger. This suggests that Apple will finally take the plunge and adopt USB-C charging on its latest range of iPhones, something that will, of course, make it possible for the Cupertino-based firm to sell smartphones with a fast-charger included.

Since its very first iPhone models, Apple has included a 5W charger, but at a time when charging standards have evolved to 50W, this is simply not good enough, to say the least.

The latest report comes from a trusted source, who chose to remain anonymous.

It is, of course, possible that the iPhone won’t be fitted with a USB-C port as such, but the cable and charger would be upgraded to USB-C to Lighting standards. At the moment, there is only one way to fast-charge your iPhone: buy a compatible USB Power Delivery adaptor as well an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple has been stalling for years on the issue of including a fast-charger with its iPhone devices, but with USB-C having become extremely common in consumer electronics, the company may finally be willing to make the switch.

According to recent leaks, the iPhone 11 will be announced on 10 September 2019. Unconfirmed reports claim that pre-orders will commence on 13 September and that the actual release date for the first batch of devices will be on 20 September. Another batch will reportedly be released on 27 September.

It is also expected that iOS 13 will be available to the general public on 23 September.

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