iPhone 11 series gets its own Smart Battery Case

Good news for people who use their phones for long hours every day is that the company has launched a Smart Battery Case for its new range of iPhones. This includes the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11.

As the name indicates, the Smart Battery Case features a built-in battery which is used to charge your iPhone. Once the case’s battery runs out of power, the phone will automatically switch to its own battery again.

According to Apple, this will ensure owners get 50% longer battery life in addition to the already impressive battery life of the iPhone 11 range.

Owners will also be able to monitor the case’s battery status via their iPhone’s battery widget. This means Apple has now released three generations of Smart Battery Cases.

The first generation was for the iPhone 6s, subsequently followed by a model for the iPhone 7. In 2018 Apple announced a new generation for its iPhone XS series.

Despite them looking fairly similar, the 2019 generation differs from last year’s models in that on the right edge, where one would normally find the shutter button on a camera, they boast a dedicated camera button.

Even if the phone is locked, pressing this button will launch the camera. To take a picture, one taps it, and a longer press will record a QuickTake video.

As with the 2018 models, the latest Smart Battery Case also comes with Qi certification, so you can charge both your phone and the case with a wireless charger.

By using the lightning connector, one can also use the case with a USB-PD fast charger.

The latest Smart Battery Case comes in White, Pink Sand and Black for the iPhone 11 Pro as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. For the iPhone 11, one can only choose between black and white.

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