iPad 2 declared obsolete, Apple must pay Qualcomm $4.7bn

As was widely expected, all iPad 2 models have now been added to Apple’s list of vintage and obsolete products.

Apple’s definition of “vintage products” are those that have not been made for between five and seven years. For owners of older devices, this is a very important list, because it determines whether or not their device is eligible for service at Apple Authorised Service Providers or at a Genius Bar.

If they own an iPad 2, and happen to live in Turkey or California, then they are lucky because their local laws force Apple to continue servicing these devices until March 2021. Even in these places, however, after that date, the iPad 2 will make the journey from “vintage” to “obsolete.”

Apple originally launched the iPad 2 just over eight years ago in March 2011 and continued to sell the device as a reduced-cost alternative until March 2014. It came with an A5 chip, a 9.7-inch screen boasting 132 PPI, and a 0.7 MP camera at the back. No, that’s not a typo – at the time, people actually still bought devices with 0.7 MP cameras. The iPad 2 also boasted a 30-pin dock connector.

In April, MacRumors got hold of an internal memo that revealed Apple’s intention to declare iPad 2 models obsolete by the end of last month.

In other Apple-related news, we now finally know how much Apple will have to pay Qualcomm in terms of the recent settlement with that company. When the latter published its latest quarterly earnings results yesterday, it also released more information on this issue.

The final amount will be between $4.5bn and $4.7bn. This will include a “cash payment from Apple and the release of related liabilities.”


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