iOS 13 will help solve the problem of battery ageing

Battery life is a problem that often haunts smartphone users. However, after the next iOS update, iPhone owners will most likely not have to worry about carrying a charger with them to prevent running out of battery power during the day.

The reason is that the next iOS update will come with a feature that significantly enhances battery life. Apple has previously admitted that iPhone batteries lose their ability to hold charge as time progresses. After two years, they only have about 80% of their original capacity.

The majority of people charge their phones overnight, but charging an iPhone (or any other phone) to 100% and letting it remain on the charger all night long could negatively impact battery life.

With iOS 13, however, this problem is resolved because the update will boast a clever feature known as “Optimised Battery Charging”, which, to a large extent, does exactly what the name suggests.

In Apple’s own words, it “helps slow the rate of battery ageing by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged.” The company added that iPhones running on iOS 13 will utilise integrated machine learning to study a user’s daily charging routine. It will then delay charging the device beyond 80% until you need to use it.

Basically, the iPhone will analyse your charging habits, and adjust its charging schedule accordingly. For example, if you usually wake up at 8am, the software will not charge the phone to 100% before that time.

Other useful iOS 13 features will include new Memoji customisations such as makeup and hairstyle, and a new Dark Mode.

Although iOS 13 will only officially launch this autumn, Apple released the third public beta version yesterday – so if you are a registered user, you can test-drive these features right now.

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