iOS 13 bug gives hackers access to your contacts

Apple hasn’t even released iOS 13 (it will be released on 19th September), and the first bug has already been identified by security experts.

According to security researcher Jose Rodriguez, the latest version of the operating system contains a bug that enables hackers to bypass an iPhone or iPad’s lock screen.

When you activate a FaceTime call and then use Siri to access the contact list on your device, the bug allows malware to bypass the lock screen security check.

Once you have opened the contact list in this manner, a hacker can gain access to all your contacts’ phone numbers, email addresses, address information and any other data stored in your iPhone or iPad’s contact list.

The researcher apparently sent details of the exploit to Apple nearly two months ago, yet the bug can still be exploited in the version of iOS 13 that is about to be let loose on iPhone and iPad owners.

Rodriguez does point out, however, that the company has fixed the issue in a beta version of iOS 13 that will become available on 30th September.

iOS 13 will not be all bad news though – it will bring improved control over your privacy settings, systemwide dark mode, and a number of other enhancements that have one aim in common: to make an iOS device easier to use.

Apple is reportedly also already working on the next major update of the operating system, which will most likely be called iOS 13.1, but a release date has not been announced.

According to several reports, this update will include a couple of new features that will not form part of the initial version of iOS 13.

CNet recently reported that this could include an option for owners to share their expected time of arrival via the Maps app, as well as the introduction of a volume indicator for AirPods.

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