iMac and MacBook Pro Sales Exceed Industry Projections

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In Apple’s Q2 quarterly earning report, it states that 4.29 million Mac units were sold – a slight increase over the same quarter last year.

Although sales increased more dramatically during the holiday quarter, when the new MacBook Pro was launched, availability of new computers for the June quarter was for only 50% or less of the reporting period, depending on the particular configuration.

In provisional data released in July, Gartner showed that Apple went up one spot to end the quarter in the fourth position with shipments of 4.24 million units to direct customers and vendors. This estimate was 0.4% lower than last year’s figure.

The final results, however, showed an annual increase in Mac sales.

According to the earlier estimates, Apple enjoyed an international market share of 6.9% compared to the 6.7% of Q2, 2016. At that time, AppleInsider pointed out that the data appeared strange, given Apple’s extensive range of Mac updates announced at the WWDC.

In the earnings conference call, Cook stated that the Mac’s international sales volume has increased by 7% on an annual basis. He also declared that this growth was in spite of IDC’s latest projection of a 4% contraction in the global PC market.

Gartner predicted at the beginning of 2017 that international shipments of PCs, smartphones and tablets would remain stagnant until next year. Although that might be true for the industry as a whole, Apple’s final sales figures have consistently exceeded Gartner’s shipment predictions.

Right now, nobody knows when Apple will update its product range again. It refreshed the iMac and MacBook Pro lines at June’s WWDC and hinted at a new iMac Pro that will become available later this year. In April the company said a new Mac Pro was on the way after 2017 and that the Mac Mini would play a pivotal role in its future product plans.


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