How To Optimize Your Mac If You Have A Disability

It can be hard to use computers successfully if you have a disability. While Apple have made it much easier with the iPad for disabled people to use it, the Mac without anything remains a struggle. However one of the less talked about features of OS X is the built in ‘Universal Access’ feature, which allows you to customize all your Mac’s settings to cater for the disability you have, whether it be eyesight, dyslexia or something else. Here’s how you can find it and use it to cater for your needs.

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Open the ‘Universal Access’ tab, which is located under the ‘Personal’ panel.

With all these options you can toggle your display colors, instead of black on white you can have white on black as well as turn on zoom so you can focus on a piece of text if you struggle with eyesight. You can also enable the Voiceover function, and completely customize it to suit your needs with the VoiceOver utility. Things like sticky keys and mouse options can be customised and enable screen flashing when an alert sound occurs.

Your Mac can really be completely customised to your needs, so if you have a disability of some kind, I would highly recommend buying one over a Windows machine, where a ‘Universal Access’ functionality isn’t built in.

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