How To Get Safari To Speak Website Text

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Before We Get Started

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Safari is in my opinion the best web browser out there. I’ve found it to be faster than others and it also has some really neat features that are overlooked and that not many know about. One of those is the ability for it to read you a webpage out loud, so you don’t even have to be looking at it to get the story.

However it’s not as simple as simply pressing the speech button you also need to have it in a special mode for it work as best it can. Here’s how.

1. Open Safari.

2. Browse to the webpage you want read.

3. Click the ‘Reader’ button situated in the address bar. This will isolate the story and discard any adverts and other elements, making it a much better experience when it’s read out.

4. Click Edit in the menu bar.

5. Click Speech.

6. Click start speaking.

That’s it, it will read out the story so you can close your eyes and relax without staring at the screen. It is important that you use the Reader function though, as otherwise it will be speak literally everything on the page, which will sound like complete gobbledygook. Of course, probably the main use for this is people with disabilities, so if you have impaired eyesight, this is the perfect solution. Enjoy your eyes free reading!

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