How To Block Ads In Safari On The Mac With AdBlock

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Online ads can be the most frustrating things. You could accidentally click on them, or they might be distracting, especially if they’re animated. More and more sites use ads as their main source of revenue, so you can’t really avoid them. Or can you? The world of plugins has created some wonderful things, including a plugin for Safari called AdBlock. Once installed, it will block any ads on webpages, so you can browse ad free and never worry about getting distracted or accidentally clicking on them again. Here’s how to install it and use it.

1. Download AdBlock from here.

2. Click on the file you just downloaded.

3. Confirm you want to install it. After a few seconds it should appear in your Safari toolbar.

You can then click on the button (which has a sign with a hand on it) to configure the options, which include pausing it and it only running on specific webpages. It’s very customisable, and you can get even more by clicking options, which will bring up more detailed filters and ad specific filter options.

However most of us just want all ads blocked forever, and that’s exactly what this does. Note that I’ve only tested the Safari version even if I think the developer behind it has also created a Chrome version (but not a Firefox one).It’s a really great tool and since I installed it, it’s made my browsing experience much more pleasurable.

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