HomePod dominates premium market but fails to impress elsewhere

Strategy Analytics released its latest report on smart speaker sales for the second quarter of 2018 yesterday. Earlier, the company stated that HomePod had only managed to capture 6% in the smart speaker market, but according to yesterday’s report, this device has since managed to become the top seller in the small but lucrative $200+ market segment.

The report analyses sales for the second quarter by model. Google’s Home Mini was still in the number one position with sales of 2.3 million units. Amazon nevertheless notched up the highest number of total sales, with its Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo speakers selling 2.2 million and 1.4 million units, respectively.

HomePod failed to make it into the top five list, and according to the report, it still couldn’t grow beyond the previously mentioned 6% market share.

According to Strategy Analytics’ Director David Watkins, however, in terms of total revenue, Apple was the market leader during the second quarter, walking away with 16% of total revenue. It also totally dominated the $200+ price category with a market share of 70%.

Although this is good news for Apple and its HomePod, it probably had a negative effect on Sonos sales, since its $200 to $500 smart speakers are in direct competition in the top end of the market. Sonos previously introduced support for Siri and AirPlay 2 to its product range, but HomePod delivers the most seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem and Siri.

Firms such as Bose will probably also be impacted by HomePod’s domination in the $200+ segment. If Apple should decide to introduce a cheaper HomePod at a later stage, then one might see the firm capture a bigger share of the broader market for smart speakers.

Until then, those who buy HomePods can at least rest assured that they are contributing to Apple’s already massive profits.


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