Fresh leak shows exactly how far Apple is falling behind

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For iPhone enthusiasts, we today bring both good news and bad news. The good news is that Apple is planning to launch new models with super-quick 5G technology, OLED displays and possibly also a smaller handset. The bad news is that none of this will become a reality until September 2020 or even later.

This is according to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who, in a new report, discusses the technology that Apple will introduce to its future iPhone range.

He expects that the new iPhone range will feature top-of-the-range 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch models with OLED screens, as well as a cheaper 6.1-inch model – also with an OLED screen. The first two will most likely offer 5G support.

Ming-Chi Kuo also expects that the 5G iPhones’ PA usage will be three times as much as that of current models. This makes sole suppliers such as Win-semi (manufacturing) and Broadcom (design) the biggest winners.

In the meantime, 5G devices are being launched throughout the world as you read this, giving their owners access to very quick internet. This is expected to benefit cloud-based services, who will cash in on speeds that often even exceed that offered by cable connections.

Apple, however, will only have one 5G-enabled device ready towards the end of next year, and its complete range of iOS devices will expectedly only be ready in 2021.

With its hesitance to part with LCD technology, Apple was also a latecomer to the OLED arena. Its first phone with an OLED screen was the fairly recent iPhone X. Even the iPhone XR, which comes with a price tag of $749, still has an LCD screen – and this is not likely to change when the new version is launched in September.


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