Fragile Apple Card not allowed to meet other credit cards

Apple released Apple Card, its new titanium credit card, in the US this week. Unfortunately, it comes with a list of warnings and special care instructions that makes it decidedly user-unfriendly.

To start off with, to clean your Apple card, you should start with a “soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfibre cloth.” This should be followed by a “soft, microfibre cloth with isopropyl alcohol.” Don’t even think of using anything as abrasive as a normal household cleaner.

When it comes to taking care of the Apple Card, things get even more bizarre. It should, for example, never come into contact with “ordinary” credit cards, because its minimalist titanium finish could get damaged.

It should also never come into contact with anything as commonplace as your denim jeans’ pocket, and you cannot store it in a leather wallet for fear of “permanent discolouration.” Allowing it to come into contact with loose change or keys is another big no-no for this card.

Apple has even set up a special support page for the Apple Card where all these special requirements – and more – are listed.

It’s clear that the company expects most people to use the card virtually via their iPhones. However, taking into account the large number of vendors out there that still don’t accept mobile app payments, the company’s decision to launch such a fragile physical card appears rather ill-conceived.

The matter received a lot of attention on social media, particularly on Twitter, where the Apple Card became the subject of derision. One commenter recommended that people should store their Apple Card in a special knitted cosy, and a tweeter called Mac Cormier recommended getting a “floating glass frame in a dimly lit, year round 70 degree, humidity controlled location” where flash photography is prohibited.

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