Director of The Morning Show denies it cost $300m

Apple TV+ officially launched across the globe today.

The initial line-up will include a couple of original shows, of which The Morning Show is one.

Exactly how much Apple is spending on this TV series remains unknown after Business Insider yesterday refuted earlier reports in this regard.

The company’s budget for original shows was initially reported to be around $1bn, but according to more recent reports, it had already spent more than $6bn.

These reports mentioned an amount of $300m for the first two seasons of The Morning Show.

The show’s executive director Mimi Leder, however, refuted those amounts in a recent Business Insider interview.

She said that the budget for this show was similar to what other ‘high-end’ televisions shows cost, but definitely not $300m.

She added that at a cost of $15m per episode, the final season of Game of Thrones was definitely more expensive to produce than The Morning Show.

Despite what Leder said in the interview, Apple is obviously prepared to fork out large amounts of money on the original content it produces for Apple TV+.

Other original productions, including See (which stars Jason Momoa), have also made headlines with budgets that could only be described as ‘very generous’.

It has to be mentioned at this stage that the man who was in charge of See, producer and filmmaker Francis Lawrence, earlier also denied reports about the show’s astronomical budget.

At the time, Lawrence stated that although the show was definitely expensive to make, reports doing the rounds that it cost $15m per episode were definitely not factual.

Apple TV+ launches in more than 100 countries today and comes with a monthly subscription fee of $4.99.

The good news is that if you purchase an Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, or Mac, then Apple TV+ will be thrown in free of charge for a year.

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