Buying an iPhone could soon become much more expensive

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After the undeniably dull iPhone 11, it seems certain that Apple will embark on a huge iPhone shakeup, and it could start much sooner than most of us expected.

The Economic Times reported this week that Apple is withdrawing four iPhones spanning no less than three generations. This decision will, for now, only affect India, but it will almost certainly have serious ripple effects across the world.

The report revealed that Apple is withdrawing the following models from the market: iPhone 6 (2014), iPhone 6 Plus (2014), iPhone 6S Plus (2015) and iPhone SE (2016). All four of them are still sold across the globe, including in the US, where the company still supplies the iPhone 6 to Best Buy, Amazon, US Cellular and Walmart.

According to the Economic Times report, the models are being withdrawn to “increase the average selling price of iPhones.” The eventual aim is to ramp up falling revenue and profit. From a financial point of view, it makes sense: Apple is basically forcing people to buy more expensive iPhones. From a PR point of view, however, it could backfire badly.

Even the financial benefits could turn out to be a dream. While hardcore iPhone fans might be prepared to pay more to stay with the brand, at a time when sales are already dropping, it could simply drive even more prospective buyers into the arms of the opposition. The fact that these four models are the last iPhones that came with headphone jacks further increases the cost of entry.

It goes without saying that Apple seldom does something without taking the wider strategic effects into account. Therefore, it would be surprising if the four iPhones in question remain on sale internationally much longer.

Owning an iPhone could soon become significantly more expensive.


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