The biggest changes to expect from iOS 11

During last week’s WWDC Apple announced iOS 11. We’ve already touched on some new features this will bring to Apple users, but here is everything you need to know about iOS 11 under one roof.

App Store. Judging from pictures of the new app store it concentrates on displaying fewer, more targeted apps instead of multitudes to search through. There’s a new Games section and whole sections compiled by humans, which should take a lot of the effort out of finding apps.

Payments. The new operating system will allow users to send money from Apple Pay to someone else via iMessage. It’s directly connected to you credit or debit card, so no configuration is needed.

Drag & Drop. With iOS 11 comes support for dragging stuff from one application to the other. You could, for example, drag pictures from your photo album directly into an email. At the moment you need to tap inside the email app to add attachments. Although Apple has been rather quiet about this feature on the iPhone, according to developers it already features in early iOS 11 code. Drag and drop will of course also benefit multitasking.

Control Center. Soon you will not only be able to activate the flashlight, switch to Airplane mode, and turn on wi-fi from here, but also to add favourite shortcuts to your home’s smart lights, a voice recorder, your Apple TV remote or other similar applications.

Siri. Apple’s virtual assistant is definitely being upgraded, but details are sketchy right now. What we know is that users will be able to request voice translations from the app, similar to Google Assistant. If you ask nicely Siri will also automatically play your favourite music, based on past preferences. It will also display news that is directly relevant to you inside the upgraded News app, suggest movie and place names when you type in iMessage and suggest calendar entries when you make reservations inside Safari.


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