Audience boos Apple after it announces thousand-dollar computer stand

This week, Apple announced a special stand to be used with its latest computer monitor – and it will cost the best part of a thousand dollars ($999 to be precise). To put this in perspective: it’s as much as the latest iPhone XS.

Reporters who attended the firm’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) on Monday said that when the exorbitantly expensive stand was announced, some members of the audience could be heard murmuring, while there were quite a few boos as well.

The announcement came and went quickly – during a show in which Apple confirmed it was dropping iTunes in favour of three individual apps, one for music, another one for movies & shows and a third one for podcasts.

The Mac Pro itself sells for $5,999 and up, while the purpose-built monitors cost at least $4,999. Then there’s also a mount adaptor priced at $199, which brings the total cost to $12,196.

If you live in the UK, this would be around $9,633 at Monday’s exchange rate, but Apple is notorious for simply changing the currency symbol and keeping the price the same, so Britons could well end up paying £12,196 for the package.

Apple, however, claims that the Pro Stand is worth the price since it offers ‘an intricately engineered arm that perfectly counterbalances the display so it feels virtually weightless, allowing users to easily place it into position.’

The stand’s height and tilt can be adjusted, and it also allows you to rotate the five-thousand-dollar screen into portrait mode.

Apple is, of course, not the only computer firm trying to cater to those with portrait monitors. Samsung launched its vertical television two months ago, and it sells for around £1,200 in Korea.


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