Apple will reportedly launch biggest iPhone in history next year

According to a report released in Asia this week, Apple is preparing to launch the largest iPhone in history in 2020.

South Korean news website ETNews said that the top model in next year’s iPhone range will have a massive 17cm screen (measured diagonally).

That is, of course, starting to encroach on the domain of tablets: the company’s iPad Mini, for example, has a screen that at 20cm is not much bigger. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, the current top-of-the-range model, has a 16.5cm screen.

To cater for the needs (and pockets) of those who prefer smaller screens, the smallest iPhone model in next year’s range will have a 13.5cm screen, which is slightly smaller than the 14.5cm display of the current iPhone 11 Pro.

ETNews also reported that the OLED screen for both models will be made by Samsung, and pointed out that South Korea’s OLED production standards are currently still somewhat ahead of China’s.

The report added that Apple will continue selling an iPhone with a 15.5cm screen next year since this size has turned out to be quite popular among buyers of the iPhone 11 range.

ETNews also said that the 2020 iPhone 12’s two top models, the Pro and Pro Max, will feature Samsung’s Y-OCTA display technology. This technology eliminates any need to add a layer that is touch-sensitive.

It will make these screens lighter and thinner, without sacrificing durability. Apple normally launches its new iPhone range at a press event in the Bay Area in September every year.

In October 2019, esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed to have information that Apple was planning to launch a relatively cheap iPhone SE 2 model during the first quarter of next year.

He believes that this model could sell for the relatively low price of $399. Apple’s stock price strengthened by 0.8% yesterday afternoon to reach $266.46.

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