Apple wants to win Oscars, 2019 iPhones no big deal

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Apple is reportedly having discussions with actors and directors about projects that might have the potential to win an Oscar. Motivated by the success that Netflix has had with the Oscars, Apple is prepared to fork out between $5m and $30m on any individual project for its pending Apple TV+ video streaming service.

That appears positively tight-fisted taking into account what others are spending on TV shows nowadays.

Apple announced TV+ earlier in 2019, but it won’t launch until later in the year. When it does, it will compete against giants such as Disney+ and Netflix. What’s more, Apple will enter the contest without an in-house library of original content.

On the other hand, when it announced Apple TV+ in March, the company said that it’s working with major names such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams to create original shows. At the WWDC event earlier this month, Apple also showcased a trailer of For All Mankind, one of the shows that we will be able to watch on Apple TV+.

With its massive financial clout, the company should be able to buy some of the world’s best talent, so TV addicts can undoubtedly look forward to even more choice.

In other Apple news, Gordon Kelly recently wrote in Forbes that there is no good reason to buy a new iPhone this year, because they will look virtually identical to the current iPhone X – and if there are changes, then they will be for the worse.

It seems, he said, that Apple is holding off the really good news until next year when fans will get 5G and more. This year, there will only be small changes, such as a bigger battery, upgraded rear cameras and perhaps USB-C. Other enhancements, he added, would be mainly Apple playing “catch-up” with the competition – for example, a camera Night Mode, Bluetooth music sharing and more powerful speakers.


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