Apple unexpectedly cancels crucial iPhone upgrade

This is not a good time for Apple. Not only are iPhone sales plummeting, but the company is also embroiled in bitter legal battles – and leaked previews of this year’s new iPhone models show very little to get excited about.

To top it all, British newspaper the Telegraph this week reported that Apple has decided to cancel the upcoming iPhone 11’s state-of-the-art camera technology – and it does not have anything comparable lined up to take its place. The company specifically redesigned the iPhone 11 to cater for this camera technology, so this comes as quite a shock.

It is no doubt also devastating news for Nanoco, Apple’s Quantum Dot partner based in the UK. After it announced the loss, its value nosedived from £93m to only £24m. According to BlueFin Research, reliable sources have confirmed that Apple has abandoned further development of Quantum Dot sensors because the cost proved to be exorbitant. The researchers say that the company is now focusing on 3D laser mapping, but this will not be ready before next year “at the earliest.”

This news is a huge setback for the Cupertino-based firm because it comes so late. Quantum Dot sensors would at least have given the 2019 iPhone something to set it apart from the competition, because of their ability to be tuned to remarkably specific light spectrums. With iPhone cameras now even starting to lag behind some budget smartphones, such a noteworthy upgrade would have been a godsend.

The gist of the story is that Apple’s upcoming 2019 iPhones now seem even less worthwhile to buy than they did last week. With the 2020 models promising to be real game changers with their attractive new sizes and 5G, there is now even more reason to wait until next year to buy a new iPhone.

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