Apple set to release PRODUCT (RED) Watch in 2020

Apple’s PRODUCT (RED) devices have proven to be popular with the public over the years, so it’s perhaps no surprise that an Apple Watch sporting the bold colour could go on sale in 2020.

A report from WatchGeneration points to a spring release date for the wearable’s new colour scheme, which would put it in line with the rumoured iPhone SE 2.

The PRODUCT (RED) initiative was launched in 2006 with the aim of raising awareness and funds to support those affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Apple has participated on a number of occasions during the last five or so years with red iPods, iPhones and other accessories going on sale to help the cause.

The report suggests that the fifth generation of the Apple Watch will now receive a red coat of paint after it was spotted in the Apple database before later being removed.

It noted: “Indiscretion is to be taken with the tweezers of use, but we have everything to believe that such a model is in the pipes of the manufacturer: it briefly appeared in an Apple database, under a reference number different from RED bracelets.”

WatchGeneration believes that the (RED) Series 5 wearable will be aluminium-based, and going on past releases, it is likely to see the light of day as early as March 2020.

Red devices have been particularly popular, as evidenced by Apple’s decision to bring a red iPhone 11 to its permanent line-up of flagship smartphones in 2019.

Apple does not really need to refresh its Watch options to boost sales as it currently leads the market comfortably, but it will make it a more enticing prospect for fans of the colour and the company’s devices.

A few other products that we could see next year include the cheaper entry-level iPhone, a new iPad Pro and the inevitable iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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