Apple releases major update for Logic Pro X

Apple released a major free update for music-making software Logic Pro X on Tuesday that brings a host of features including a new sampling workflow and tools to create original drum sounds, loops and general audio.

In a ‘press release’ statement, Apple said that the new 10.5 update was a “breakthrough release” for professional musicians, beatmakers and producers.

Apple launched Logic Pro X back in 2013, but it has been refining its feature set and functionality since then with the previous update, 10.4, adding a new reverb instrument called ChromaVerb and Smart Tempo.

The 10.5 update takes things a step further by completely redesigning workflow options for musicians and adding a range of beat-making tools.

The most exciting of these is a professional version of Live Loops that allows musicians to be more spontaneous and creative in “freeform” ways.

Apple has also added a new Step Sequencer that makes it easier for anyone to program beats and melodic sections of songs with a pattern-based workflow.

Users will also be able to edit note velocity and other parameters to add extra sparkle to beats.

There is also an updated Sampler and Quick Sampler with drag-and-drop workflows and a new Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer.

Apple said that the new changes should be received warmly by electronic music producers who need the best-quality drum sounds and synths, but the update is catered to all musicians and producers.

In the statement, Grammy Award-winning producer Finneas O’Connell said that the workflow in Logic Pro X is “unmatched”.

Apple VP of apps product marketing Susan Prescott said that Logic Pro X has been used for a number of popular mainstream songs in recent years.

She added: “Logic Pro X 10.5 represents the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X, with powerful new tools that will inspire every artist.”

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