Apple releases $52,599 Mac Pro and plans six new iPhones

Apple announced its latest Mac Pro a few days ago.It offers unmatched processing power and a larger storage capacity than ever before, but this comes at a massive cost.

Although the basic model starts at $5,999, after adding a $25,000 RAM upgrade, a $7,000 processor, and the Afterburner accelerator card, track pad and wheels for $2.000, the final cost could exceed $52,599 – and that does not include the screen.

It should be pointed out that this approach is not unique to Apple – many manufacturers would sell you a bare-boned version at an ‘affordable’ price, but if you really want the best performance from the device, you have to fork out multiple times the original purchase price.

In other Apple news, a private note released by Jun Zhang, a top analyst working for global broker Rosenblatt Securities, found its way to the press.It reveals that Apple intends to release six new iPhone models in 2020 (including Max and Plus versions).

According to Zhang, the list will include:

  • A 4G iPhone 12 with dual cameras and a 6.1-inch LCD screen
  • A 4G iPhone 12 Pro with dual cameras and a 5.4-inch OLED screen
  • A 5G iPhone 12 Pro with dual cameras and a 5.4-inch OLED screen
  • A 4G iPhone 12 Pro Plus with triple cameras and a 6.1-inch screen plus 3D sending and Time-of-Flight (ToF)
  • A 5G iPhone 12 Pro Plus with triple cameras, a 6.1-inch OLED screen and ToF
  • A 5G iPhone 12 Pro Max with triple cameras, a 6.1 inch OLED screen and ToF

What is particularly interesting is that according to Zhang, compared to the 4G versions, 5G Phones will feature a “number of different components entirely”.Zhang also said that all the models mentioned above will offer enhanced wireless charging speeds.

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