Apple recalls MacBooks with faulty batteries, warns government over tariffs

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On Thursday, Apple voluntarily recalled certain 15-inch MacBook Pro units that it says are fitted with a battery that could possibly overheat and therefore pose a safety risk to owners. The devices involved include an older generation of 15-inch units that were sold mainly between September 2015 and February 2017. They can be identified via their model serial number.

The company stressed that the recall does not affect owners of other 15-inch MacBook Pro units or any of the company’s other Mac notebooks. In the statement, Apple also claimed that the safety of its customers was a top priority, and it, therefore, had to ask owners to no longer use the 15-inch MacBook Pro units affected by the recall.

If you believe that your MacBook might be one of those involved, you can visit to get more details – for example, on product eligibility and how you can get the battery replaced without any costs involved.

To find out whether you own one of the affected devices, scroll to the Apple menu in the screen’s upper-left corner and select About This Mac. If it says “MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015),” simply type in your device’s serial number on the programme page to find out whether or not your device is eligible for a battery replacement.

In other Apple news, the company this week warned the US government that its plans to increase tariffs on imports from China would not have the desired effect. Instead, the firm said that it would negatively affect Apple’s ability to compete in the global market and “tilt the playing field” to its overseas competitors.

In the comments, which were filed with the US Trade Representative, Apple also said that the tariffs would eventually result in reducing its contributions to the US economy by way of taxes as well as new investments.


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