Apple offers advice for AirPods Pro sound and isolation issues

Apple has offered support to AirPods Pro owners who have complained about issues with crackling sound and noise isolation.

Apple rolled out a new firmware update for the tech in midweek but did not reveal precise details about what exactly was in the latest release, codenamed 2D15.

However, it did provide advice via two support articles that outline what to do if owners have any problems with AirPods Pro during usage.

In the first of these, Apple suggests updating to the latest software release.

This can be tricky with AirPods as updates are delivered over the air when the device is connected to an iPhone.

Apple recommends opening the Settings app in iOS, navigating to ‘General’ and then ‘About’, before tapping on the AirPods and looking for the ‘Firmware Version’ listed.

Apple released a 2C54 update for AirPods Pro last year before pulling it soon afterwards.

The new update is rolling out for all users now, and it may include a few bug fixes and performance improvements.

However, without any official communication from Apple, it may take a while to discover exactly what has been included this time around.

Other troubleshooting methods that Apple recommends for the AirPods Pro include checking for wireless interference nearby that could cause static sounds and to listen to audio via a few different apps to see if the issue is universal.

For noise cancellation issues, the advice is slightly different.

Apple again recommends updating to the latest firmware but also suggests cleaning the top of the AirPods with a dry cotton swab to remove any excess oils or dirt.

Despite the latest isolated problems, AirPods Pro have been warmly received by critics and owners alike since the launch last year.

Apple is believed to be preparing the release of a third, budget-focused pair of EarPods to sit alongside the two models it currently offers.

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