Apple to move iTunes U Collections to Podcasts in September

With the release of iTunes 12.7 next month, iTunes U Collections will be transferred to Apple Podcasts. By removing iTunes U from the PC/macOS iTunes App, the company is encouraging owners of its devices to access and use the content via the Apple TV or iOS app.

Promoted right at the top of iTunes U in iTunes on iOS as well as macOS, Apple is busy preparing content creators and users for next month’s move of the iTunes U Collection from its current location to Apple Podcast.

The company’s decision means that it will no longer be possible to download content from a Mac/PC in the future, although users will still be able to listen to free content via Apple Podcasts. As far as obtaining access to content such as quizzes, handouts and eBooks, amongst others, users will be able to do this via the Apple TV and iTunes U iOS apps.

The header which appears at the top of iTunes U leads to a page with more information about how the change will affect users. As far as institutions are concerned, Apple reportedly sent details to content creators well ahead of the planned move.

Apart from the above, Apple said that it is not necessary for institutions to do anything at this stage since the transition will take place automatically — although it is recommended that users clean up their present Collections beforehand.

There are, however, a couple of things to remember in this regard. In the first place, content categories could well be affected during the transition since they will automatically have to be assigned to podcasts, which might well be different from their previous designation in iTunes U. Secondly, Apple recommends that institutional users convert all ePub files to PDFs in anticipation of the changes.

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