Apple launching iPhone 11 and other devices tomorrow

According to an unnamed individual who is familiar with the situation, Apple’s retail staff are preparing for the iPhone 11 to go on sale next Friday, 20th September 2019.

This sounds quite plausible if one looks at the schedule that Apple has followed in the past.

The firm would typically announce a new device on a Tuesday, launch pre-orders three days later on the first Friday after that, and then start high-street sales and deliveries a week later.

It is widely expected that Apple will announce the 2019 iPhone range as well as upgraded Apple Watch models during a media event tomorrow.

A more powerful Apple TV and Tracking ‘tags’ with integrated augmented reality are reportedly also on the menu.

Pre-orders are expected to launch on Friday 13th September, and one can only hope that this will not prove to be an unlucky choice for the Cupertino-based firm.

Purchases will open a week later on 20th September, and devices will become available at Apple stores and participating international authorised resellers on the same day.

On Friday 20th September, Apple will also invite selected customers to its revamped store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Just before the weekend, workers removed the protective covers from the huge cube-shaped glass structure to start getting it ready for the reopening.

As part of the renovation project, Apple reportedly totally dismantled the cube and later replaced it.

Demolition of the old store cost the company an estimated $2m, a figure that must have been far exceeded by the installation and material cost of its replacement.

Apart from the glass cube entrance, at 77,000 sq ft, Apple’s top-notch New York outlet offers more than double its former underground floor area, large enough to accommodate the rumoured Beats 1 broadcasting section as well as ‘Apple Store 2.0’ furniture and fixtures.

It is not yet known when this store will open its doors to the general public.

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