Apple launching interactive HomeKit Demo stations in 46 stores

Readers who are finding it difficult to understand the various uses of Apple’s HomeKit or why they would even want to buy smart home devices can now learn more about these technologies at a nearby Apple store.

The firm has announced interactive demonstration stations for smart home technology in 46 of its outlets throughout the world and it plans to introduce non-interactive facilities to the rest.

The interactive demo facilities include huge displays showing smart home devices as well as an iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, which shoppers can then use to control them live.

HomeKit is the company’s innovative technology for managing thermostats, smart lights, garage door openers, door locks, ceiling fans, and window shades, amongst others. Devices that can be controlled via HomeKit can also interact with one another. Apple has a single app from which users can control all these devices, even if they are made by different manufacturers.

The company’s decision to add interactive stations and HomeKit displays to its stores is a clever move as it will give potential buyers who are unfamiliar with smart home technology an idea of what it can do. It also makes it significantly easier to grasp what home automation really means and how it can become part of 21st century life.

As with any new technology, there will likely be a certain amount of consumer resistance initially. However, once it is illustrated to consumers how smart home devices and HomeKit can be used in a typical home, it is expected that the technology will be assimilated into a large number of households.

Since it is unrealistic to expect anyone to buy something they don’t fully understand, it’s great to see Apple taking steps to educate individuals about smart home technology. Apple’s decision doesn’t only benefit itself as a company — it also benefits manufacturers of smart home devices.


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