Apple launches on-site repair service for iPhone owners

iPhone owners will soon be able to get support from the comfort of their own home in the US following the launch of a new personal service for repairs.

Physical stores and mail-in services have been the traditional support options for iPhone owners in the past, but Apple is now letting people ‘schedule a repair’ in selected locations.

The on-site service is being supported by Go Tech Services, an Apple Authorised Service Provider, and is currently limited to six cities in the US: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Dallas.

There are only specific repair options available, with screen repairs being offered but battery replacements and support for other devices such as iMacs omitted.

Apple says that customers may also have to pay an additional ‘onsite visit fee’, which will be added on top of the standard cost of repair.

While the options may not be comprehensive for now, it is a step up in after-sale care for customers who have previously had to venture to stores or post devices when something has gone wrong.

Apple offers a similar service for large businesses called AppleCare for Enterprise.

In other news, Apple is stepping up its coverage of the upcoming 2020 US Presidential Election with a special section in the Apple News app.

Apple promises to serve up “reliable news, information and data” on a daily basis during the next 10 months as President Donald Trump pursues a potential second term in office against a yet-to-be-named Democratic challenger.

The election coverage will include reporting analysis from a range of notable publishers and sources, including the New York Times, NBC News and USA Today.

There will also be guides on each presidential candidate, data for election results for each state primary, and a news literacy guide to inform readers about possible misinformation.

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